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At Matrusri Oriental College, our commitment to academic excellence shines through the remarkable achievements of our students. Many of our esteemed teaching staff are former M O C students who have earned prestigious research degrees such as M.Phil and Ph.D, a testament to the high standards and quality education we provide. What sets us apart is our diverse student body, predominantly from socially and economically challenged backgrounds, representing various communities and castes.

Despite these hurdles, our graduates have found tremendous success in the job market, thanks to the reputation of our college and the abundance of rewarding opportunities available to them. Our students have consistently excelled in intercollegiate competitions, earning numerous prizes and accolades, and have showcased their brilliance in final exams.

They have secured coveted positions in government schools and colleges, beating fierce competition, with attractive salaries to match. Moreover, our students’ talents have garnered recognition at state and national levels in elocution competitions, with some even receiving prestigious awards for their service-oriented initiatives.

Notable examples include Sri Chaitanya Kumar, an alumnus honored with the National Youth Award for his commendable service initiatives, including organizing blood donation and eye camps, and providing relief during natural disasters. Another inspiring student, Sivalenka Prasada Rao, has led an impressive one thousand blood donation camps under the banner of “AMMA,” serving as a role model for many.

At Matrusri Oriental College, Jillellamudi. We are passionately dedicated to nurturing and empowering our students, regardless of their backgrounds, so they can thrive and create a positive impact on society.


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