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About Us / Brief History

Sree Viswajananee Parishat, a Socio-Spiritual organisation was established with the blessings of Matrusri Anasuya Devi popularly known as Jillellamudi AMMA in the year 1971.

AMMA established Matrusri Vidya Parishat in 1970 to offer free Education to economically weak and socially backward people. Consequently, Matrusri Oriental College was established on 6th august 1971.

AMMA’s emphasis was on Sanskrit language since Indian tradition and culture are preserved in Sanskrit works.

The college was started in a humble way with a dedicated teacher and couple of students. Classes were conducted in huts.

The development of the college has been very encouraging.

Over a period, college building was constructed.

BA(OL) SANSKRIT and TELUGU courses were introduced.

Academic Performance was exemplary securing first position in university, winning Gold Medals and so on. Faculty were highly respected as Scholars and were on the Board of Studies.

As of now, we have 119 students. The Girl students outnumber the boys. The faculty are highly qualified. We have 4 doctorates out of 12 teaching faculty. Results are very encouraging.

Sree Viswajananee Parishat Trust being a Socio – Spiritual organisation gives utmost importance to tradition, discipline and family bondage.

The students are provided with free food, free hostel accommodation, free education, and free Medicare.

The Alumni are a tower of strength to the organisation. Their involvement is quite considerable in terms of financial support and service to the institution.