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About Us / Principal’s Desk
Dr A V N G Hanumath Prasad


Matrusri Oriental College established on 6 August 1971 with the blessings of AMMA has established itself as a premier Institution. It is noted for Academic achievements, dedicated staff and highly disciplined students with traditional values. Faculty are highly qualified and have secured prestigious positions as Member, Board of Examinations and so on. Highly respected in the Society for their Scholarly background.

ALUMNI have all their gratitude to the Socio – Spiritual Institution established by MATRUSRI ANASUYADEVI, Popularly known as Jillellamudi AMMA.

AMMA’s vision was to propagate Sanskrit, provide free education to economically weak and socially backward communities. Hence Education, Hostel Accommodation and Food are provided to ALL THE STUDENTS at FREE of cost.Goal is to groom students as responsible citizens.Welcome students to avail of the opportunity of studying in sacred college set up by AMMA.